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Mimmo Torrese - Freelance Photographer

Freelance Photographer

He began in 1985 with the newspaper Il Mattino dealing with news, costume and photography with texts and photos. He contributed to the re-creation of the daily Rome, the oldest of the South. He was part of the editorial staff of the magazine Fotografare and has collaborated for a few years with Il Fotografo. His services and his photos have been published in numerous Italian periodicals.

He has collaborated with Ansa Viaggi on-line, Parallelo 41 and the Corriere del Mezzogiorno on-line. He currently collaborates with the Latitudes online magazine, the eCampania tourism portal, Ecoturismoonline, the Neos portal and the Pass magazine. For some years he has kept a column on the PhotographersPro photography portal. He deals with social reporting, tourism, food and fashion. He is a member of B.R.I.O. brilliant reality in observation. He is in the board of Neos with the position of treasurer. After years of absence on the net has opened DagherrotipoTravel, a blog of tourism, culture and lifestyle.