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Pietro Tarallo - Freelance journalist and travel writer

Freelance journalist and travel writer

He has written 80 books among tourist guides, geographical texts and photographic books, dedicated to Italy, Europe, America, Southern Africa, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, China, 'Australia and to the Monasteries, published by: Aba Libri, Clup, Idea Books, Il Canneto Editore, Markes, McGraw Hill, Piemme, Rizzoli, Simonelli Editore, Touring Publisher, Tormena, Tramontana, Ulysse Moizzi, Utet, White Star.
He wrote reportage for magazines and newspapers. He collaborates with the online newspaper and with TerreIncognite Magazine. In 2016 he published: Le Antiche Vie della Fede. Italian pilgrimages in the car ("Journeys between nature and research", series edited by Nicoletta Salvatori, e-Book, Simonelli Editore) and in 2017 People. Protagonists 1980-2014 (Il Canneto Editore).
Since 2007 he has organized "Il Salotto del Viaggiatore" in Genoa, Milan, Rome, Naples, Turin and Catania, where he tells about his travels and those of his guests.
From November 24th 2016 he is president of Neos.