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Fabrizio Zezza - CEO EasyConsulting & CEO Hotel Nerds

CEO EasyConsulting & CEO Hotel Nerds

Fabrizio Zezza is the founder and CEO of EasyConsulting, one of the most advanced Travel Web Marketing companies in Italy. In 2015, he launched, a blog on Travel Web Marketing, already followed by over 20,000 hospitality professionals.

His work is characterized by an extensive list of activities: from website development to SEO and SEM strategies; from Social Media Marketing to artificial intelligence (AI) applied to software developed by his companies (CMS, Booking Engine, Booking Recovery, ChatBot, etc ...).

With his companies, he offers targeted consultancy to the most important national and international hotels.

In regards to hotel training, he is a lecturer in Travel Marketing and constantly collaborates with realities such as Federalberghi, EBT, ITS Tourism and numerous Universities.