Ivana Jelinic - President of FIAVET Nazionale

President of FIAVET Nazionale

Ivana Jelinic, originally from Croatia but now settled in Umbria, is the owner of Igei Viaggi di Tavernelle (PG) travel agents. She was the first female president of Fiavet Umbria, and the second female president (since May 2018) in the history of Fiavet (the Italian Federation of Travel and Tourism Company Associations and part of Confcommercio), based in Rome. We cannot achieve certain things if we’re not always on top of your game and don’t have clear objectives: her most recent achievement, in July 2019, was the signing of the new CCNL national labour contract for the employees of travel agents associated with Fiavet Confcommercio. Previously, this had not been renewed for six years.  

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