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Marco Cattaneo - Director of National Geographic Italy

Director of National Geographic Italy

Marco Cattaneo was born in Milan in 1963. A graduate in Physics, in 1991 he joined the editorial staff of «Le Scienze». In 2006 he became director of «Le Scienze» and «Mind» and since December 2010 he has been Director of «National Geographic Italia »and of« National Geographic Traveler ». He is the co-author of the three-volume works “Il Patrimonio mondiale dell'Unesco (White Star, 2002-2004, rist. 2012)” and “Le città del mondo (White Star, 2005)”. Thanks to this scientific dissemination he received the award “Voltolino” (2001), also the Grand Prix of the French travel writers association (2008) and the “Ippocrate”  prize from the National Scientific Medical Information Union (2010).

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