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Anna Maspero - Expert of Latin America destination, Writer

Expert of Latin America destination, Writer

Anna Maspero has done of her passion for travelling a way of living, she has left her job as a teacher of foreign languages in order to guiding people around the world. She has visited many countries, travelling alone or guiding groups of travellers on less beaten paths among all the continents without loosing her passion and curiosity for the world. Following the path of her grandfather who moved 100 years ago to Peru, she has visited all Latin America and she fell in love with Bolivia on which she has publieshed the guide "Bolivia, dove le Ande incontrano l'Amazzonia" ed. Polaris a publishing house with which she cooperate as writer and communication manager. She makes many travel presentation and she has written books concerning travels such as "A come Avventura, Saggi sull'arte del viaggiare" e “Il mondo nelle mani, Divagazioni sul viaggiare” published by Polaris. She also takes care of Kel 12 magazine section dedicated to the books “FRA LE RIGHE”. When she is not on tour she writes her blog, articles and attends conferences.

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