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Andrea Barbuti - AD Il Ciocco spa

AD Il Ciocco spa

Following significant experience in business repositioning, he joined Il Ciocco with the aim of redesigning the company through the development of its real estate, with particular focus on its tourist and accomodations properties.

In 2011 a joint venture deal with Shaner & Co. from State College (USA) leads the ll Ciocco hotel facilities to enter the Marriott International portfolio, under the “Renaissance” brand. A strategic development plan then followed in which Il Ciocco’s tourist products and services were redefined, centred on nature and sport.

Two new brands were launched - Il Ciocco The Living Mountain with tourist products focused on nature experiences and the Il Ciocco Bike Circle, an innovative bike park enriched with sports and tourist services designed for both families and the more demanding mountainbiker.

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