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Alessia Galimberti - Architect, Studio Galimberti

Architect, Studio Galimberti

Architect Alessia Galimberti has a PhD in Projects and Urban Policies from the Polytechnic University of Milan. She provides consultancy services in urban planning and mobility to institutions, including the political analysis of Ecopass for the Municipality of Milan.
Undertaking the artistic direction of leading companies in design, fashion and food, she creates synergies and strategies for regional economic development.
Her books, published by Maggioli Editori, cover topical economic and regional issues.
Studio Galimberti has more than 17 years’ international experience in interior design, creating Design Concept projects for the Hotel and Wellness sector, as well as penthouses, lofts, offices and showrooms.

Studio Galimberti has a team of specialist professionals dealing with:
- Architecture | Planning;
- Design Product;
- Interior Design;
- Graphic | Marketing;
- Event | Communication.

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