Stefano Tiozzo

A professional photographer, documentary-maker and storyteller, Stefano was born in Turin in 1985. After graduating in dentistry, he was given his first reflex camera as a present. Soon, alongside his passion for photography, he added a love of travel, which led him to explore the beauty of the world. He wanted to show this through his reports, which soon became extremely popular on the internet. His reputation was enhanced in particular by the tales of his journeys from Turin to the North Cape alone, and by train from Turin to Beijing. After working in his profession for eight years, he abandoned the world of medicine to become a full-time travel photographer. He leads photographic expeditions in some of the world’s most fascinating places. He thinks that planting trees is more useful than protesting for the environment, and so created For ETS, he has published the best seller L’anima viaggia un passo alla volta. Da Capo Nord all’Holi Festival ventimila leghe intorno al mondo [The soul travels one step at a time. From the North Cape to the Holi Festival, 20,000 leagues around the world] (2020).

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