Carla A. Bordini Bellandi - Colour Designer

Colour Designer

Her passion for colour dates to her childhood. Her constant studies and insights have been going on for years, with a specific interest towards colour in interior design. As a result, Carla became a colour expert and designer.  She considers the changes which take place in our society and lifestyle, investigating the phenomena that occur in the social, cultural and artistic fields – preferably through the analysis of the various means of expression – as well as the evolutions of colour preferences and trends.  Her research stretches from the cultural and sociological aspect of contemporary life to the purely visual one, driven by her deep attraction for arts and for new ways of communicating. Carla works as a freelance consultant for interior design, fashion and textiles, as a researcher and a higher education lecturer, as well as a teacher at Fine Art Academies. Author of a weekly column on colour in the Design Tellers, she writes stories about colour. She also performs visual art works, mostly related to photography.

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  • 12 Oct

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