Enrico Della Torre - General Director of Vivi Appennino

General Director of Vivi Appennino

Born in Porretta Terme on 15/08/88, Enrico is the owner of communications company Della T Management. He is the general manager of Vivi Appennino, a brand whose objective is to bring together companies and institutions in the Apennine region, stretching from North to South Italy, promoting the Apennine ridge as one of Italy’s most important and strategic places of excellence, and as a place of sustainable tourism and hospitality, and marketing the destination on the domestic and international markets. Since the G7 Environment Ministerial Meeting in Bologna in 2017, he has created and promoted the Appennino Bike Tour, the Apennine cycle route, the longest cycling route in the country. He has been Councillor for Tourism for the Municipality of Gaggio Montano since 2016. 

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