Kalanit Goren Perry


Kalanit Goren Perry, the new delegate of the Israeli National Tourist Office in Milan, comes from the green Galilee, linked to Italy following her passion for travel, cinema, good food and "beauty" in general.


After her military service, Kalanit decided to followe her lifelong passion for travel, which later led her to end up at the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.


From Ireland, to the United States to South Africa and the Far East, the desire for discovery, knowledge and comparison have accompanied her in a constant and everlasting search to understand traditions, cultures and, of course, places.


Among the various stages of her journey, we find Italy, especially Rome. She stayed in the capital for almost two years, starting a cycle of university studies, attending Entertainment Sciences at La Sapienza University, then concluding her studies in Israel with a three-year degree in cinematography with a thesis in Sound Design.


The second cycle of studies was undertaken in Political Science and International Diplomacy with a final project dedicated to Visual communication.


After finishing her studies, she has worked with the Society for the Protection of Nature (SPNI) focusing on specific marketing projects, then arriving at the Ministry of Tourism of Israel by attending the famous Cadet course. After the course she was appointed in the Europe Desk and in the board that develops outdoor tourism, thus managing to combine specific marketing skills with an interest in culture and a passion for nature, also planning and implementing the organization of international sporting events and adventure tourism experiences.


Nature, desert, Eilat, Negev: these are the keywords in the promotion work carried out by Kalanit in collaboration with Israeli DMCs and International Tour Operators and, of course, with the network of the territory, in order to communicate some of the most original and interesting aspects of destination, sometimes unknown to the general public.


"Collecting the legacy of the extraordinary work done up to now, it is my great desire to intensify communication, both traditional and social and digital, through the use of increasingly sophisticated communication means whose expertise we have learned in recent months. My goal is to grow all sectors of tourism to Israel, from the more traditional religious tourism to leisure, adventure and sports tourism, promoting different brands, entering the hearts of Italian tourists eager to return to our beautiful Israel " Kalanit declared.

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