Stefano Ferri - Writer and journalist

Writer and journalist

Stefano Ferri is a journalist and communication consultant. In 2004 he received the Hilton Award for journalism specializing in business tourism, and in 2006 the Italia for Events Award for the industry press. He is the author of four novels, the most recent of which, released in mid-November 2021, autobiographically recounts his experience as a “man dressed as a woman”: Crossdresser - Stefano and Stefania, the two parts of me (Ugo Mursia Editore). It is the first attempt ever to talk about this form of diversity by deepening not only its private and social impacts, but also its cause. 
Other two of his novels have been translated and distributed in 14 countries. For many years he has been active in support of civil rights, giving testimony on newspapers, TV and social media.

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