Fulvio Avataneo - President of AIAV

President of AIAV

President of AIAV, Italian Travel Agents Association, a member of CNA Tourism and Commerce, with over 2,000 members on the national territory.
He takes his first steps in the tourism section in the mid-1970s: he reaches partnership in a travel agency and he founds two more.
In 2003 he participates in the creation of the FreeNet distribution network, merged in 2020 into Enjoynet. Since 2005 he’s also promoting and dealing in the inbound tourism section and, since 2018, is also present in the MICE field as a fair organizer on a national level.

The constant tension towards the defence of legitimacy and the fight against unauthorized travel agents led him to collaborate with Autotutela, a social movement born in 2001 on the initiative of two travel agents from Sicily, Sandro Profumi and Dario Landolina.
In 2003 Autotutela becames an Association, later taking the name AIAV. He becomes National Coordinator of AIAV first, and then President, actively contributing to protect the role of vulnerable components of the tourism industry and earning the respect and admiration of thousands of travel agents throughout the country.

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Fulvio Avataneo
President of AIAV
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