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Giovanni Battista Ubaldi - Cognitive Behavioural psychologist

Cognitive Behavioural psychologist

Chairman of "DiBeneInMeglio", the international psychology of happiness association, licensed to practice psychology (entered in Register A).
He has acted as consultant for: Conad, Coop, ZonaMarket, Sidal, LIMONI Profumerie, Clarins Italia, Unifarco, Sintesi, Piaggio, Ferrero, RAI, Punto Radio, CONI, ASD Fortitudo, the Municipality of Bologna.
His recent publications include:

  • Sum Ergo Cogito: Tesi sulla intelligenza artificiale [Thesis on Artificial Intelligence].
  • Machina.Dei: Dialogo sui Due Divini Sistemi [Dialogue on Two Divine Systems].
  • Opera Omnia: Teoria di sentimenti [Theory of Feelings].

Director of an advertising agency for 25 years, marketing department.

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