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Danilo Beltrante - Rentalpreneur


A savvy and serial rentalpreneur, Danilo started his career in the industry with a B&B many years ago.

Avid student of all things business related as well as active in personal growth and motivational empowerment, Danilo transitioned from a single B&B to the wider non-hotel accommodation industry and founded Locobel srl in 2010, which oversees development of Family Apartments, property management company handling apartments in the family rental niche.

He also run successful training and coaching programs in Italy, as founder of Vivere di Turismo® and co-founded Property Managers Italia, a PM association whose aim is to lobby and influence industry regulations at government level, in an attempt to limit restrictions to Vacation Rentals. 

Danilo has an online following of 4500+ rentalpreneurs on Vivere di Turismo® alone, and is one of Italy's most followed and respected professionals in the non-hotel accommodation industry