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Concetta D'Emma - Business Coach, Expert in Food & Green Marketing Strategies

Business Coach, Expert in Food & Green Marketing Strategies

She is the creator of the Unconventional Hospitality concept, dedicated to welcoming guests with special needs, as well as the Unconventional Breakfast format - the breakfast for guests with different food lifestyles, awarded during Expo2015 among the 10 successful case histories - and the Food Factor Challenge, a training course that involves all departments of a company in order to create amazing and unique gastronomic experiences for all guests with special dietary choices.

For over twelve years she has been working in Green Hospitality and Responsible Tourism, Sports Tourism, LGBTQ Tourism and Pet-Friendly Tourism; from 2019 he started new experiential training courses, creating new job profiles including the Successful Waiter and the Unconventional Bartender.

About LGBTQ Tourism, she is really good with creating a “healthy” and sincere cooperation between the heterosexual and the gay world, through a mix of Authenticity Marketing strategies and Diversity Management policies that allow to focus on common points instead of “differences", with the aim of increasing the business of the destination through new alliances and partnerships between LGBTQ communities and the entire tourism chain.

Every Monday she runs (with podcasts and videos) her column Unconventional Hospitality on MediaHotelRadio, where she goes deeper about those issues in which she is an expert, through interviews and successful case studies that are a source of inspiration for both tourism professionals and young students.

From 2006 to 2014 she was the project co-founder of EcoWorldHotel, the 1st Eco-Friendly Hotels Chain in Italy. She was behind the creation of both the certification system in leaflets from 1 to 5 and the 1st Eco-Friendly Purchasing Group for hospitality industry.

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