Online Ticket
  • Wednesday, October 9, 2019
  • 14:45 - 15:30
  • Memo
  • Rooms Arena - Pav. D3
  • David Kepron Vice President - Global Design Strategies - Distinctive Premium Brands with Marriott International

The digital design environment is changing the nature of our design work as well as the nature of the people who experience it. As we create, we both make and are made by things we design. This is the essence of Ontological Design which suggests that we are intimately connected to the things we make because they in turn play a role in who we are. Our adaptability may be our saving grace as we try to remain sure footed in shifting sands.

So, how do we stay on pace with the speed of change? Can we actually get out in front of our guests changing desires? How can design serve as a long-range strategy for growth? And, what might be the best balance of being mindful and present while vision casting the future of brand experience design business?

This session will look at the ‘power of design’ and the evolving role of the designer in the making of relevant experiences in a digitally enabled marketplace. It will ask attendees to consider their own level of adaptability in the context of a dynamic design culture where adoption of a growth vs. fixed mindset’ will determine success.

There is an often-cited critique of digital experiences as diminishing deep connections to other people and disconnecting us from true embodied interactions with brands in relevant places made for engagement. This too is being challenged by a wave of immersive digitally enabled experiences that are transforming data into transformative physical places that are able, despite being digitally created, to connect on a profoundly physical level with captivating sensory experiences. This session will also look at how ‘digitecture’ and other digitally immersive experiences can connect at a deeply sensory level and promote brand adoption.

The true test will not be in how we muddle through the mundane, but in how we navigate the unknown of the in-between, the uncharted and mysterious, where wonder replaces fear and a passion for discovery propels us forward without the certainty of knowing the destination.
Change is not for the faint of heart. It asks of us to ‘Be Creative. Be Brave.’