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Environmental sensitivity is increasingly dictating demand among outdoor travellers, and requires regions, tour operators, travel agents and all professionals involved in the promotion of active tourism to create new products and above all new and more convincing narratives.

Outdoor sport is no longer seen simply as a means of testing physical resistance, but an opportunity for personal regeneration, in deep communion with the environment. Physical and mental well-being, activity and relaxation alternate in the new styles of holiday that require perfect communion with the surrounding natural world.
What, then, are the activities that will most attract people in the next decade? And above all: what are the narratives, story-telling and keywords that will help travellers choose a specific holiday or a specific region among the many on offer? The answers will be provided at this meeting organised in partnership with Meridiani Montagne.

Tommaso Vincenzetti, Brand and International Director of Editoriale Domus, will discuss these topics with Simone Origone and Nico Valsesia, extreme sports champions and real aficionados of the new sensitivities relating to the mountain environment.