• Wednesday, October 13, 2021
  • 12:00 - 13:00
  • Memo
  • Future Trends Arena - Pad D1
  • Stefano Possenti Strategic consultant and instructor
  • Luca Fiocca Landscape philosopher and instructor

In recent years the majority of operators, probably encouraged by the ease of access to the use of modern communication tools and most certainly the availability of a wealth of both editorial and training opportunities, appear to have rather taken their eye off the product itself. But aspects related to marketing, customer appreciation of both product and services or indeed the sales charges (without wishing to undervalue their importance within the managerial and productive chain) are really to be considered as a consequence of the work conducted in the definition and administration of the original proposition.

Beginning with these particular considerations along with an acute awareness of the extraordinary complexity of the tourism sector which naturally requires constant rejuvenation, the authors have identified and defined some founding principles which through the interpretation and examination of the physiological, emotional and cognitive essentials nourished by the five senses, aspire to encourage the reader to create an accommodation facility with a genuinely distinct identity. The objective in this is by no means purely abstract; rather they intend to exploit all contemporary scientific, technological and intellectual potential to facilitate commercial activity, optimise customer care management, and improve both reputational and price-related positioning. Born from a meeting between a strategic consultant and a scenic philosopher, the book "The hotel of the senses" aims therefore to analyse and rethink current proposals within tourism in order to foster the construction of a professional and business route that understands how to put Man and his well-being at the very heart of everything in a manner that he is able to appreciate its genuine beauty and experience all of its infinite refractions.