• Wednesday, October 13, 2021
  • 11:45 - 12:45
  • Memo
  • Italy Arena - Pav. C5
  • Martha Friel professor of culture and tourism management and marketing at IULM University

We rarely talk about the potential of closer cooperation between the live entertainment sector and tourism, yet it is a relationship rich in opportunity.

Not only because festivals and exhibitions – which increasingly, also as a consequence of the pandemic, are finding new venues – can exercise a very strong pull on tourists and can complete a destination’s offer, but also because the theatre can contribute to a region’s promotion and communication processes and projects.

Live shows and entertainment professionals can therefore become valuable partners for tourism operators – from Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) to hospitality companies – to devise and develop new services for cultural tourism, to integrate or dramatize various tourist experiences and much more, in a partnership in which theatre can find in tourism opportunities to develop new projects and appeal to different audiences.

Through the data from a national survey conducted in 2020 and a series of Italian and international case studies, the meeting sets out ten points to strengthen cooperation between live entertainment and tourism, taken from the book "Spettacolo dal Vivo e Turismo. Strategie e strumenti d'incontro" [Live entertainment and tourism. Strategies and tools to bring them together] (published byFrancoAngeli).