• Friday, October 15, 2021
  • 10:30 - 11:30
  • Memo
  • Eatxperence Arena - Pav. C4
  • José Antonio Vidal Founder and CEO of Global Wine Tourism Organization e GWTO Academy
  • Paola Puzzovio Founder&Project manager of TEGing Italia and iTEG; Country Manager for Italy of GWTO (Global Wine Tourism Organization); Expert in EnoGastronomic Tourism and non-hotel sector; Speaker; Trainer for Institutions&Academies.
  • Concetta D’Emma Head of Office Press&Communication for GWTO Italy (Global Wine Tourism Organization) and GWTO Corporate Glocal Storyteller Expert; Food & Green Marketing Strategist, Inspirational Speaker, Experiential Trainer and Business Coach.

In this meeting we will talk about one of the most inclusive, supportive and sustainable tourism projects of all time.


We live in an era in which we are forced to consider the crisis as an opportunity for transformation, only possible if we decide to write new stories and in a completely revolutionary way!


You will discover new types of professionals in Wine Tourism, and strategies to be applied immediately in a simple way, which also follow the guidelines of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.


You will understand how Objective n.17 (Partnership) will be the key element that will lead us to create strategic alliances at a global level that consider the "Authenticity Factor" for all the stakeholders in the destination. Utopia? No, only natural selection!


Some internationally successful case histories will be shown on how some territories have managed to find the right ingredients to make a destination attractive, leaving the common perspective of wine tourism linked solely to visits to the cellar and understanding, instead, that the true essence of Wine Tourism is to know a region through several “pieces” that make up this great puzzle: oenology, landscape, cultural heritage, hospitality, architecture, and of course gastronomy are among the main elements.


Therefore, how can new stories be told that follow the 17 sdg’s and can at the same time enhance all the activities both of a company and of a Wine Tourism destination? How can we bring even more awareness for the destination, business opportunities and responsible travelers?


GWTO Italy has started to select companies, institutions and academies that want to start a path of evolution and transformation to build together the next successful case histories, all Italian, to be proudly presented around the world.