Seaside tourism in Italy was born in Rimini, in 1843, with the opening of the "Privileged Establishment of Maritime Baths", a record that marked the fate of the city, as an innovator in tourism. Far from ignoring its bathing vocation, Rimini today is once again a destination that is ahead of its time, leveraging on sustainability, wellness and culture as a factor of attractiveness.

This is how the Parco del Mare was born, the new seafront rich in Adriatic vegetation, wellness areas, walks, cycle paths and relaxation areas, where environmental protection and active outdoor life become the symbol of the new lifestyle of Rimini. The new waterfront also integrates a water purification system that has been recognised as a best practice of the United Nations Agenda 2030.

But not only that, Rimini is also innovative in the field of art and culture. In August 2021 the Fellini Museum was inaugurated, to witness the genius of its son Federico Fellini. A diffused Museum, that develops inside the Malatestian Castle, that passes through the Cinema Fulgor, where the director has drawn inspiration, up to open in the Square of the Dreams, where everyone feels like an actor in a completely dreamlike mood.

Parco del Mare and Fellini Museum, therefore, become innovative elements of strong attractiveness, for a tourism that wants to go beyond the summer season.