• Friday, October 15, 2021
  • 13:30 - 14:30
  • Memo
  • Global Village Arena - Pav. A3

In Italy there are 50 airports and almost 500 runways open to tourist air traffic that form the backbone of a vast network of small airfields for aviation tourism.

The European fleet of small touring aircraft exceeds one hundred thousand units and is a highly developed market abroad, important, made up of a high-spending public that moves easily and quickly. However, Italy remains outside the main European leisure air traffic flows due to a lack of culture and an inability to understand this obvious opportunity.

How can we enhance the role of small airports, airfields, airfields, free-flight landing sites, lake, river and sea hydro-surfaces to promote the development of tourism around them and give a valuable added value to the territory?

At the meeting on Friday 15 October at 13.30 at the Global Arena of TTG, Senator Luca Briziarelli, President of the Association "Cities of the Air" and promoter of the law on aviation tourism signed by more than 20 senators, the President of Fiavet Ivana Jelinic, the publisher of Avioportolano and coordinator of the scientific technical committee of the association “Città dell’Aria”  Guido Medici and and the author and director Rai and publisher of the online video-media FlyEurope.TV Roberto Vecchi will illustrate the opportunities of this fascinating tourism market that comes from the sky.