• Wednesday, October 12, 2022
  • 15:00 - 15:45
  • Memo
  • BeActive Arena - Pav. A4
  • Stefano Ferri Writer and journalist

Renowned crossdresser Stefano Ferri began his professional life in tourism and has travelled the world in his own uncomfortable yet indispensable shoes. "Yes," he says, "indispensable because they signify identity, and we all have one”.
In his autobiographical novel Crossdresser–Stefano e Stefania, le due parti di me [Crossdresser-Stefano and Stefania, the two parts of me], he lays bare his own personality and says what it has meant to change clothing gender both in his everyday life as a husband, father and professional, and in his life with a suitcase in hand, which has brought him into contact with different cultures that are not always ready to accept gender fluidity.

Cross-dressing is the practice of wearing clothes conventionally reserved for the opposite sex. The key to the problem lies in the word “conventionally”: where there are no conventions to the contrary, everything goes smoothly, and this is the reason why women - veterans of a century of struggle for emancipation - can wear any type of clothing, male or female, and are accepted in all circumstances. The same cannot be said for men, who, if they “dare” to wear a skirt, a mini-skirt or stiletto heels, risk being ostracised even in their own home, and, outside the European Union, are even forced to check that there are laws prohibiting it.

Link to the book: Crossdresser–Stefano e Stefania, le due parti di me