Colour provokes emotions, with its ability to stimulate us from within by triggering profound, complex processes, following paths that wind through our unconscious and that of all humanity. Its psychological aspect is the most effective tool in building the scenarios required today of hospitality in keeping with its time. Lightened and freed from conventional forms, it evolves by facing a further challenge: to correspond to the expectations of eclectic, demanding and well-prepared tourists, who are looking for a holiday that can satisfy exclusive and identity-driven needs, leading them into a unique dimension, beyond the narrow and uncertain confines of their complicated everyday lives.

Stimulating the imagination of a contemporary traveller - touching the very personal and intimate sphere of emotions, creating singular and unexpected experiences - is no small thing. How can colour be used to build immersive environments, stimulate the senses and convey meaning, connect to the spiritual dimension of guests in search, within the holiday setting, of values that are not simply tangible? At SIA Hospitality Design, Bordini Bellandi explores themes related to the evocative content of colour and its ability to create unique settings, packed with evocative stimuli.