Companies are the driving force of territories and very often their success is linked to the environmental, cultural and social characteristics of a place that contributes, directly or indirectly, to create the best context for development. For their part, companies contribute to strongly characterize, with their most iconic products, the image of places. This mechanism leads us to identify Emilia-Romagna with motors, Marche with the production of furniture or footwear, Belluno with eyewear, Vietri with ceramics and Agnone with bells, just to name a few places particularly well-known.

Exploiting possible synergies with tourism therefore means multiplying the opportunities for narrating a territory and showing its heritage (factories, products, archives, corporate museums, ideas and know-how that are the basis for the success of a business project).

The conference will be an opportunity to present some excellent initiatives and to discuss how this tourism can develop in the coming years.