“Progress is the realisation of Utopia”. Oscar Wilde

The year of UTOPIA

The era of Utopia is born from a radically transformed environment that is forcing companies and travellers to question their values and behaviour.

A form of chemical thinking that breaks down the variables of reality and reassembles them in a new design, generating unusual perspectives.

No longer simply a synonym for evasion and a showcase of beauty, the tourism sector is preparing to welcome and meet the challenges imposed by the modern world.

Regions and structures are working to become models of sustainability; the interaction between hosts and guests is transforming travel into an active agent for social change; the relationship between inhabited spaces and people’s well-being is being redefined in hotel architecture.

Designing more flexible and fluid tourism products from a structural, commercial, narrative and iconographic viewpoint is therefore no longer a choice but a necessity. A bold entrepreneurial turning point, but an indispensable one.


The era of Utopia takes material form in transformative tourism proposals geared to the traveller's personal growth. Moments of sharing and direct participation in the life of holiday destinations. Building an equal dialogue with other living species, animals and plants. Tracing the roots of our ancestors. Rediscovering awe and wonder as an immediate source of happiness and the new true well-being of the tourist.
Travel solutions built to put the “living world” as a whole at the centre. Many regions and companies are already moving in this direction, focusing on alternative goals that go beyond numerical and economic growth.


There is growing awareness among travellers and tourism and hospitality companies that they are part of a complex network of relations, in which those who travel and those who enable them to travel operate within a context encompassing ethics, politics and economics.
Holiday time and space are therefore no longer purely an entertainment offer, but also an opportunity to implement conscious consumption choices. 

Regions and destinations are encouraging meetings and direct dialogue with artists, designers, musicians, craftsmen and spiritual guides, suggesting new forms of cultural contamination. The relationship between travellers and the natural environment is also changing to become a space of knowledge in which to listen closely to other living species.

The world of transport is increasingly designing and investing in services that respect passengers as part of an ecosystem to be preserved, through new alliances between land-air options, the optimisation of routes, the choice of fuels, and the adaptation of infrastructure to new energy-saving needs.

Hotel businesses are adopting building and interior design standards inspired by sustainability; they value local craftsmen and materials, are incorporating greenery into their interior spaces, and are working to reduce food waste, save energy, and reduce CO2.


Inspired by the golden spiral - a universal symbol that represents the “ideal” of harmony and perfection in all forms of life and matter – the visual chosen to represent the theme of TTG | InOut 2023 recalls the urgency of designing a new order for the development of the industry, companies and products. The inclusion of Phi in the Utopia logo reinforces the reference to Greek thought, inviting creative design but extremely rational design, immersed into contemporaneity.

A contemporaneity expressed by the fractals that make up the images of the visual background, fruit of artificial intelligence processing.


The starting point was UTOPIA. Live. Believe: the main theme and claim of the annual meeting of key players in the tourism and hospitality communities. The theme is represented by a visual in which a golden spiral – always a symbol of harmony and perfection – is superimposed on an image created with fractals, the result of the interaction between human art direction and artificial intelligence. This union between the rationality of Greek thought and cutting-edge creative design gave rise to a generative spiral of multiple, possible utopian worlds inspired by a new order for the development of the industry, businesses and products.


With UTOPIA, the creative phase of TTG - INOUT 2023 had just begun. The use of AI to co-create the visual representations of individual events was the right way to go for a show that has made innovation the factor that sets it apart.

Starting from the generative spiral triggered by the 2023 theme – UTOPIA, AI was provided with the key features of TTG Travel Experience and INOUT The Contract Community, the marketplace that brings together the four indoor and outdoor industry events: SIA Hospitality Design, SUN Beach&Outdoor Style, Superfaces and the new Greenscape.

This produced stylistically harmonised images, evoking the various products covered by IEG's Tourism & Hospitality Division, constantly cross-referencing past and present, and characterised by a stylistic approach that nods to the language of fashion.