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4 life-size mock-ups of hotel bathrooms created by the most innovative designers together with companies that represent Made in Italy worldwide.

BATHROOMS is a project devised and curated by IEG in partnership with Teamwork.

The concepts will be online starting September 16, 2019.

Concept: relaxINg emotions
Elena Ogna  A4IDeA - Architects for Interior Design & Architecture

A sophisticated concept of relaxation linked in particular to the wellness-spa environment, in which customers look after their physical and mental well-being.
Three natural elements were used in this project: a space linked to Light, a space linked to Water and a space dedicated to Vegetation.
Every single area will have its own characteristics capable of sparking different emotions, and it will be clear to guests which environment they should be in order to listen to what that environment arouses in them.

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Concept: SWEET oh SUITE
Studio Silvia Giannini

The hotel bathroom is changing and increasingly becoming a spa, an exclusive and pleasant space for private wellness.
It is no longer only an expression of “getting into shape” and terrifying diets, but an all-round wellness, which increasingly involves all the senses: delicacies to eat and drinks to sip are part of the collective imagination linked to the term “wellness”.
A spa designed as a sweet, to be looked at and tasted: it is not sterile, but full and round. It makes you think of fairy tales and invites you to abandon the real world, but is familiar and welcoming at the same time.

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Concept: Water Light
Galimberti Studio

A project that seeks to create a sensorial oasis of wellness through the interplay of light, sound and essences. An immersive, multi-media environment will create an environmental reality through 3D video projections and video mapping that will bring to life an experience packed with emotions and sensations, where the body will again find its balance and wellness.
The stand will be divided into two areas: a first relaxation area equipped with a large bed to be able to rest, listen to music and enjoy the video projections, and a second area where you can undertake the emotional journey.

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Studio Caberlon - Caroppi

The bathroom is becoming the central focus in the hotel suite layout. It is no longer just a space for personal care, but embodies a wider concept of wellness. It incorporates various kinds of environment to recreate the atmosphere typical of spas and their relaxation rooms, while also integrating elements of the home living room and the world of fitness. The peace and tranquillity offered by natural green spaces are amplified, turning the bathroom into a spiritual place that takes us away from hectic city life.

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BATHROOMS is a project devised and curated by IEG in partnership with Teamwork.