Special projects

The world of breakfast has changed markedly, and is increasingly the calling card that accommodation facilities and public establishments use to attract and retain customers. “Breakfast made in Italy” is the first project that unites all the links of the chain that synergically contribute to the creation of a Made in Italy breakfast. It is organised by SIA, with the support of the Ministry for Economic Development, in partnership with ICE-Agenzia and CNA – the National Confederation of Small and Medium-Sized Companies.

The “Breakfast made in Italy” area will offer a route consisting of tasting and show cooking, exhibiting furnishings, equipment and the provision of products for breakfast, with the most iconic Italian companies.

The project storytelling focuses on Made in Italy and the great biodiversity in food products that the country offers, promoted using equipment, furnishings and services. The common thread running through all this is the training for those working in breakfast rooms with the creation of an Italian-style breakfast that excites guests, with special attention also paid to short show cooking events.

The concept is first and foremost based on the management of flows, a big problem in hotel facilities. Islands are created dedicated to the various “Speciality Corners”, for example the hot drinks corner with all the products and equipment necessary to serve hot drinks, or the island of Italian pastries, made with the typical flours of the country. The project also presents the “Breakfast Trainer”, the new professional fundamental to the management of the breakfast room for hotel users.

Where: Area Food, Beverage & Tableware – Pad. D2

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