Special projects

An area that showcases the best of Made in Italy design for the hotel industry, the place where the most appropriate solutions to welcome the guest are devised and discussed.

In the Rooms Arena, experts and trendsetters will talk about trends and future scenarios, in interior design, fitting out, architecture, objects and furniture.

ROOMS Hotel Design Lab project is created and directed by IEG in partnership with Teamwork to offer a world premiere of the new concepts in hospitality.

Eight life-size mock-ups of hotel rooms will be set up in the space dedicated to ROOMS SIA Hotel Design Lab, the Pad.D3.


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Concept: Into the cloud
Barbara Vannucchi

The idea of the room was to offer customers an immersive experience in lightness, enabling them to undress in the softest that nature has to offer: the vapour of a cloud.
The whole environment is a welcoming place moulded around those that live in it, and offers functions tailored to personal desires and requirements: the bed is the Cloud, the real focus of the room.
The room adapts to everyone, and boasts everyday but unexpected features: like a floating cloud, it becomes a world of lightness that changes with the person that lives in it.



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Concept: Cosmoosis
Il Prisma

Today’s travellers are constantly on the move, in search of authentic values. They absorb experiences and connections through an innate process of "osmosis", but in an orderly and harmonious way like a galaxy, a cosmos with various dynamic and parallel facets.
This prompted the creation of “Cosmoosis”, a flexible place that reflects the metamorphosis of its guests, providing them with support throughout the day, with its different states ranging from a private refuge to a public square, from a working space to a place for relaxation for the global community of a “phygital” world that interacts with itself to communicate to individuals.



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Concept: Hospitality Next Step
WiP Architetti

The “Hospitality Next Step” project was created with the idea of re-interpreting the hospitality space so as to meet the market’s new requirements emerging from the change in how hotel services are delivered. The “Serviced Apartment” model offers various functions in a single space, with the guest able to book and request specific services and environments within the room, which is customised for their ideal stay. The room is therefore proposed with a neutral appearance, and subsequently modified in an ad hoc manner, with various proposals, making it Flexible, Technological and Essential.



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Concept: Elementi
V+S Lab

The proposed concept room seeks to provide the precise characteristics of the “elements” that define the functions of living in the room. 
The perception is of an open space, making the user freer and more proactive within the room; at the same time, all the elements are independent and distinct from each other, but make up a harmonious whole. 
The bathroom becomes a central architectural body that separates and defines the spaces, but at the same time unites them. Various levels accentuate the separation of areas and functions.



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Concept: Hyle Room
FDA Fiorini D'Amico Architetti

A hotel room conceived as a place to rediscover the essence of travel: the sensations of a journey to distant shores, the emotion of age-old traditions, the sea breeze on your skin, staying the night, getting some rest and looking forward to tomorrow.
It is organised as a fluid open space in which the bed is the real focus. The overlapping of the various functions inspires an open and spontaneous lifestyle, while natural materials and surface textures serve as a backdrop to custom furnishings in an essential, understated and elegant style.



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Concept: Co[mpact] living
GLA Genius Loci

The space is conceived as a small micro-system, with a complete range of functions, combining work and relaxation areas, a night zone, a kitchenette, a bathroom and some additional elements, such as fitness equipment, an extendable table, integrated storage compartments and wall fixtures.
All this was made possible by a sliding system using wheels and rails on the ceiling or wall, which enables the various functions integrated within the space to be hidden/revealed.



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Concept: La stanza del mare
Sergio Bizzarro

Taking his inspiration from nature, well-being and sport, Sergio Bizzarro has designed a room in perfect harmony with the space, which offers the utmost comfort and everything a guest could want. The space, furnished with care to the smallest detail, through the use of innovative materials and delicate shades, is the perfect mix of traditional and contemporary styles.
The design of this welcoming and functional room is in synergy with nature and the sea, which is an integral part of the backdrop, thanks to the colours and materials used in the project.



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Concept: Dichoto-my
Hub 48

A dichotomous hotel room that, while maintaining a clear identity and well-defined functions, takes on different appearances, which change depending on the observer and his position in space.
With Dichoto-my, the customer finds himself within a changing space, in which the objects change function depending on the viewpoint of the person observing them.
The objects have a flexible and functional design, with an essential but highly characteristic style, conceived to interpret the culture of today’s guests. 

Watch the photogallery of the concept of last edition