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Rimini, 12-14 October 2022 . According to the latest data announced by the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, in the first seven months of 2022, international tourist arrivals almost tripled (+172%) compared to the same period of 2021. This means that the sector recovered almost 60% of the pre-pandemic level.
The constant upswing reflects the strong repressed demand for international travel, as well as the slackening or abolition of travel restrictions to date (86 countries had no restrictions connected with COVID-19 as of 19th September 2022).

The trend reported at international level by the WTO can also be found at national level: analyzing the data regarding the arrivals of guests in Italian hotels in the first half of this year, the increase in arrivals immediately catches one´s eye after the serious drop in 2020 and 2021, mainly due to closures for the pandemic. However this is a partial reprise, mainly due to an increase in Italian clients (+7.1%) whereas, on the front of arrivals from abroad, a drop of 10.4% is still reported. Overall, the figures regarding 2022 are therefore 2.7% down on 2019 levels: in fact, even if foreign arrivals in the first half were more than triple those of 2021, they were still 36% lower than 2019.

As far as the summer of 2022 is concerned, preliminary data show an increase of 16.6% in the arrivals and 14.3% in the nights´ stay; a considered quite satisfying bearing in mind the uncertain situation caused by the military crisis in Ukraine and the generalized increase in prices, which has reduced the spending power of many tourists.
In particular as far as foreign tourists, an increase of 25.7% is seen (even if this figures is still 28.3% lower than 2019).
This summer, Italy was chosen above all by German, French, Dutch, Swiss, Austrian, British, Belgian, US, Spanish and Scandinavian tourists, while the regions reporting the best performance were Sardinia, Sicily, Campania and Liguria; for the others, figures are still far from those of 2019.
As far as the locations chosen for vacations were concerned, the summer of 2022 also showed a preponderance of seaside locations, with a strong upswing in hotel bookings above all in August (+71.2%), followed by mountain locations (+61.9%). After the sudden drop of 2021, art cities also recovered, particularly in the months of July and August. (+34% of the hotel bookings).

Hotels in Italy at the end of 2021 totalled 32,109 overall, i.e. 5.3% less than ten years before: a reduction that involved above all the less prestigious facilities. Closures involved above all 1-star hotels (-33.6%) which at the end of 2021 totalled 2,398, followed by 2-star venues (5,110 . 23.2%) while there was a slight (1.4%) drop in the 3-star category, which confirms its ranking as the most numerous, with 17,783 hotels throughout the country. On the contrary, 5-star facilities increased (+56.9% with a total of 601 venues) as did 4-star hotels (+19% and 6,217); overall, Italy offers 1,075,592 rooms with 2,232,676 beds.

A phenomenon also not to be underrated is the gradual increase in alternatives offered to hotels, represented by private homes, rentable on various web platforms: For example, in the June-August 2022 period, nights´ stay on Airbnb were 3.5 million more than the same period in 2021 (+32%).

In the first quarter of 2022, as far as turnover was concerned, tourist accommodation and food service facilities showed in increase of 109.2% on the same period of 2021, whereas employment in the hospitality sector and public venues totalled 1,000,716 employees (204,110 staff in the accommodation sector alone). On this subject, it is interesting to emphasize how, particularly at the end of the pandemic, an increasing number of enterprises report great difficulty in finding staff.

Sources: Federalberghi . Assoturismo Confesercenti . Unioncamere . ISNART

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