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Press release n. 3 of the 09/07/2019 12.31.40 ( download )

.Sia Hospitality Design reveals the eight suggestions
for the trendy and made in Italy hotel room

Appointment at the Rimini expo centre from October 9th to 11th 2019

Rimini, July 5th 2019 . Think future with ROOMS. The direction of the strategic view that also characterizes the next edition of SIA Hospitality Design, the only show in Italy focused exclusively on the hotel industry, organized by Italian Exhibition Group from October 9th to 11th at Rimini expo centre, is ´readable´ in the project which offers eight mock-ups of hotel rooms that will inspire the future investments of 33 thousand Italian hotels.

The large space dedicated to ROOMS Hoteld Design Lab is aimed at hotel professionals and will exclusively offer the proposals of eight prestigious designer names of the made in Italy.
The full-size installations will occupy the area of Hall D3 in the spirit of concreteness and together they will offer the contribution of excellent companies in the furniture and objects sector.

Here is a preview of the first traces of the future, by the elite of the made in Italy hotel design, while the projects will be visible online at from September 16th. And, of course, live in October at Rimini expo center.

WIP Architetti

The Hospitality Next Step project was born with the idea of transforming a traditional room into a real ´serviced apartment´. The guest can book and request specific services and environments inside the room, customizing it for a better stay. The space is flexible, technological and essential, to generate the different configurations chosen by the guest during the booking process.

Il Prisma

In Cosmoosis the traveler of today, in continuous movement and in search of authentic values, finds a flexible place that follows its metamorphoses, supporting them in the variations of everyday life, from a private refuge to a public square, from a workplace to a recreational arena for the global community of a ´phygital´ world that interacts with itself to communicate individuals.

FDA Fiorini D´Amico Architetti
Hyle Room is a hotel room that rediscovers the essence of the journey: the sensations in the crossing towards distant shores, the emotion of ancient traditions, the sea breeze on the skin, the passing of the night, the refreshment and the push towards tomorrow. The space is organized in a fluid open space, with the bed being the protagonist of the scene. The overlap between the different functions inspires an open and spontaneous lifestyle, natural materials and surfaces form the backdrop to a set-up made of custom-made furniture in an essential and elegant style.

Hub 48
Dichoto-my is a dichotomous hotel room that keeps its identity and its functions well defined, but also takes on different appearances, which change according to the observer and his position in space. The client finds himself within a changing space, in which the same objects change function according to the point of view from which he observes them. Objects with a flexible and functional design, focused on the search for an essential and characterizing style, designed to interpret the culture of contemporary hospitality.

Barbara Vannucchi
The Into the cloud concept inspires a room that comes from wanting to offer customers an immersive experience in lightness, in undressing in what is softer than nature: the vapor of a cloud. The whole environment is a welcoming place and the bed is the Cloud, the real fulcrum of the room, proposed as a suspended cloud, a lightened world that changes with the person who lives it.

The concept room sets out precisely what are the elements that define the functions of living in the room. The perception is that the space is an open space, but at the same time all the elements live their own autonomy and are quite distinct, being composed in a harmonious way. The bathroom, for example, becomes a central architectural body in its own right that separates and scans the spaces, but at the same time unites them.

GLA Genius Loci
Co[mpact] living is a space designed as a small microsystem, complete in its functions, which combines a work and relaxation area, a sleeping area, a kitchenette, a bathroom and some accessory elements, such as fitness equipment, a table extendable, integrated storage compartments and equipped walls.
Everything was possible thanks to a sliding system on wheels and ceiling or wall rails, which hides and shows the various functions inserted

Sergio Bizzarro

The sea room´s design is inspired by nature, wellness and sport. The bedroom offers maximum comfort and fulfills every wish, offering a furnishing that is cared for down to the smallest detail with the use of innovative materials and delicate shades; a perfect mix of tradition and modernity. The room enters into synergy with the sea and nature, the sea becomes an integral part of the context thanks to the colors and materials chosen.

Alongside the exhibition, the ROOMS Arena, a space dedicated to seminars, conferences and training on design, which will see the hotel sector´s trend setters as protagonists, who with a tight and evocative calendar will respond to the demand for innovation with trends and scenarios of the future.

The ROOMS project is realized in collaboration with Teamwork.

SIA Hospitality Design is scheduled at the Rimini expo centre at the same time as TTG Travel Experience (a European-wide B2B marketplace for the Italian tourist offer and Italian tourism abroad) and SUN Beach & Outdoor Style (international exhibition dedicated to the sector and the world of the camping & village show).