Special Projects

The Glamping “The Ne[s]t” exhibition chronicles the evolution of the open-air holiday, with architecture integrated into nature and connected to digital ecosystems. 


The future of housing, broadly understood as living, in its multiple facets from work to tourism, must be linked to a new idea of reversibility.
We must recognise the temporary nature of all human activities, finally allowing people to settle for a time in a natural place, leaving its special characteristics as unchanged as possible.

At the same time, people have evolved, changed their lifestyles, and very often attribute a time duration to their physical presence in a place: a new form of nomadism has imposed itself globally, made up of people, digital nomads, who move around and, briefly, settle down to study, work or holiday.
These new users need new “activity containers” to satisfy their new behaviours.

Spaces in symbiosis with nature become “intelligent architecture”, artificial spaces, rapidly transformable, modular and modifiable over time with the evolution of behaviour; they are easy to install and uninstall, and have zero footprint on the territory. 

Our solutions make use of naturally-sourced materials that improve efficiency and will be connected to a smart grid integrated into digital ecosystems powered by renewable sources.

Our mission is to offer a new concept of living in symbiosis with Nature, capable of suggesting to Man a new way of “being” on this Planet.

The exhibition is staged in partnership with Scaffsystem - Officine Tamborrino.

    The designers:

Paolo Scoglio

Architect who leads a team of professionals specialising in the design of architecture in symbiosis with nature, in Italy and abroad, for private clients, tour operators and public administrations.

Internationally, he has worked on many occasions with design studios and leading companies using the most innovative multi-material prefabrication solutions. A lecturer at IED, Turin Polytechnic and Milan Polytechnic, he defines his architecture as a “natural device”, marked by its total symbiosis with the environment, total reversibility on the landscape, and uses linked to temporary “short stay, smart living”: unique spaces in which high tech is combined with natural materials.

His nomadic THE NEST studio is involved in consultancy and design of prefabricated modules for micro-accommodation all over the world; each of its works has a minimal greenness that is often inspired by the most advanced parametric and biomimetic design.

 Partner Companies: