Special Projects

iSUPERMATERIALI is the exhibition curated by Studio Marco Piva, and explores the connections between nature, man and material in a journey of mathematics and beauty.

The concept is to rationalise a space to explore the original processing of matter starting with the earth, the first supermaterial; a journey that will reveal the fundamental ingredients, the great opportunities available to architecture.

Studio Marco Piva’s aim is to create a sustainable exhibition through essential elements with strong symbolic power.

WHERE: the exhibition has been organised as part of SUPERFACES, Pav. D5


Nature is an essential part of man's work and engages with his creations through material.

Man in turn emulates nature, and reconstructs surfaces and materials that take the best of nature.

GEOMETRIC concepts

Elementary geometric forms are transformed into essential display elements, the ultimate goal of which is to elevate the material. The geometric shapes of the exhibition recall archaic forms, a reference to when the material was first processed. The material is celebrated through the exhibits, rather than being overwhelmed.