Special Projects

Evergreen is the first seed that has been planted this October during the trade fairs in Rimini within the context of hospitality and contract.

Evergreen is a project created thanks to a number of companies operating in the garden industry, coordinated by Myplant & Garden - International Green Expo, that aims at addressing the increasing need to live and share outdoor and natural spaces.

Evergreen wishes to put the quality and creativity of products and services offered by Italian brands of the outdoor industry into the spotlight. The objective is to attract professionals operating in contract and hospitality businesses and show them the potential of developing qualitative projects in their outdoor spaces, considering their prominence in the outdoor living sector.

A number of new lifestyles promote living outside and in contact with nature. New habits in the last few years have amplified this need, which had been developing for a while, and which has become a very significant aspect of people’s lives, overcoming seasons, latitudes, and walls.

Evergreen opens the doors to those who are in search of these solutions, those who want to have an extra “room” outside, be it a patio, a garden, or a park, which can be transformed into a relaxing, welcoming place.

Evergreen develops on an area of about 500 sqm between halls B5 and D5 in Fiera di Rimini.

It welcomes the visitor through a line of bay trees up to 3 meters tall. The visitor will then stroll around plants, flowers and lawns furnished using a number of solutions that highlight the relationship between the natural and artificial elements exploited.

The area is divided into three highly appealing sections which have been developed on a plan of concentric circles, and invites the visitor to linger upon the meaning of living outdoor, and upon the power the hospitality industry has to develop this concept.

Evergreen is the first seed that is on its way to germinate and bloom in the context of hospitality trade fairs in Rimini.