Special Projects

An area that brings together the best of Italian design for the hotel industry, where the right solutions for welcoming guests are designed and discussed.

In this edition, through the craftsmanship of six contract companies, Rooms presents six projects inspired by the Unbound theme in the world of hospitality.

Six mock-up hotel rooms, created within pavilion D3, designed by architecture and design studios and created by contract companies, capable of customising and modulating evolving spaces.

Discover the concepts of this edition: 

  • SWIMMER’S 208,  project by Merli Arredamenti + Marco Lucchi
  • PRESTIGE, project by HI Contract by Brugnotto Group + Lombardini22 
  • IN PROSPETTIVA, project by Bonfante Interior Contractor + HUB 48 Studio
  • SWEET DREAMS, project by PIANCA&Partners + Simone Mazzetto
  • HOME AWAY FROM HOME, project by INCONTRA by Dall'Agnese + Alessia Galimberti Studio
  • WHITE SOFT ROOM, project by Horo by Divania + Castiglia Associati



The concept was designed by Merli Arredamenti in partnership with architect Marco Lucchi. 


Naufragar m’è dolce in questo mare” [“Sinking in the sea is sweet to me”] comfortable, soft, cosy, unusual.
Swimmer's is the synthesis of a project realised in Civitanova Marche and under construction in Durazzo, both on the sea front. The backlit panel is the fulcrum, "the work of art" around which the entire project gravitates, creating a special atmosphere whose intensity guests can regulate according to their taste.

The wardrobe becomes the support for this panel in the middle of the room, creating a circular flow where there is space for clothes and an integrated bar. The carpet connects us with the living room where we come across a table, another work of art in addition to the backlit panel, and a comfortable sofa.
The room is completed by a jacuzzi, not relegated to in the bathroom, and which in its actual location in the Durazzo Hotel will command a sea view.













Merli Arredamenti’s story is one of family and craftsmanship, which began more than 40 years ago with Silvano Merli. With commitment and dedication, Silvano built up a solid and well-established brand.  The business is now in the hands of his sons Marco and Claudio, who remain true to the original project and dedicated to defending Italian-made products.
Merli Arredamenti designs, plans and produces furnishings for accommodation and hospitality facilities of all sectors and sizes: hotels, ice cream parlours, restaurants, bars, pubs and wine bars. With its cutting-edge machinery and search for ever more sophisticated technologies, the company sets itself apart and remains competitive in every furnishing project.
Its real added value lies in the quality, experience and workmanship of its staff, unrivalled in taste and attention to detail.



“A good project is the perfect integration of art and architecture” 

My career began in the 1990s with the creation of Italy's most famous discotheques in the cradle of the Romagna Riviera, raising the profile of names like Pascià, White Elephant, Makkaroni, Pineta, Betty Page, Paradiso, Villa delle Rose and Byblos. 
The scope of my design has expanded to include the area of entertainment and personal services, and I now work on restaurants, boutiques, hotels, cafeterias, villas, multiplexes and beaches with facilities, with more than 400 projects in Italy and worldwide to my name. The studio is continuously driven by the fresh perspectives and cultural exchange provided by younger members of staff. 


The hotel room concept is designed by interior contractor HI contract, in partnership with design studio Lombardini22.



The luxury hospitality market is constantly evolving, and the Prestige project is a response to a current trend: Bleisure. A new way of using space in which work and personal needs are given equal space. The creation of a modular, multifunctional and customisable system is perfect for hotel rooms with high-status guests, who have fluid and highly evolved needs. It allows existing hotel rooms to be upgraded in a simple and optimised manner, making it an ideal soft refurbishment solution.
Prestige is: a ready-to-use, precabled, simple to apply product, with clear costs and lead times, integrated with the installation of furniture, and sustainable in both design and production.










Hi Contract deals with the supply, production and installation of large public and private architectural projects such as hotels, restaurants, offices and pharmacies, providing turnkey solutions. Production is carried out entirely in Italy with an artisanal approach customised to the client's needs.

Our specialised team offers architects and contractors a comprehensive service, covering executive development, coordination and supply management, design and production. Thanks to careful and dedicated project management, schedules, cost and quality are constantly monitored, enabling the client to simply sit back and enjoy the show.


Lombardini22, a leading Italian architecture and engineering group, and Brugnotto Group, a contemporary joinery specialising in working with solid wood, have combined their skills and creativity in a highly innovative and original project.

Their experience in Luxury Interior Design projects and the choice of precious materials fashioned with a high degree of craftsmanship have resulted in a scheme of the highest quality.



The hotel room concept is designed by interior contractor Bonfante, in partnership with designers from HUB 48 Studio.


             “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth”.
                                                                                   Marcus Aurelius

Like modern romantics who opposed the rationality of the Enlightenment, we dreamers oppose the material and media culture that marks today’s world in favour of a dreamlike, hazy and yet rich landscape. 
Dazzled by images of metaphysical paintings, we imagined an installation characterised by perspectives so exact as to seem unreal and abstract, decomposed geometries. 
Combining the two- and three-dimensional, the space becomes fluid, through the geometric use of colour and the perspective deconstruction of form. 
We pursue poetry and beauty IN PERSPECTIVE of a hotel landscape with renewed vitality

Interior contractor. We listen, dare, inspire and transform ideas and passions into original, winning concepts. For more than 50 years, we have conceived and realised interior design projects in the hospitality sector, taking care of the analytical, design and execution phases from A to Z. 

Hub48 is a combination of different and complementary experience.
It innovates. Through the approach of its three designers: product designer Matteo Bonato, architect Nicola De Paoli and interior designer Margherita Fabris.
It evolves. As the whole is more than the sum of its parts, different experiences enable an adaptable and functional design method to be adopted.
It interprets. It is a synthesis of the customer’s needs and has a language of its own that is constantly evolving.


Sweet Dreams was designed by interior contractor PIANCA, in partnership with designer Simone Mazzetto.

Textiles in light and shade are combined with visual and sensory comfort. Furnishings with defined lines explore the relationship between form, texture and colour, creating a hotel room with a sophisticated and contemporary feel. The concept of "Sweet Dreams" starts from a need and a search for balance and inner harmony, which can be reflected in the new, increasingly fluid and multifunctional hospitality environments.







Pianca&Partners the contract hub

We have created a platform for architects, interior designers, developers, builders and investors, which is based on the concept of product and service customisation, and driven by a collaborative spirit that promotes joint success. The range of services we offer aims to provide an operational system that handles the complete design process. It is based on the collaboration and integration of the skills of the partners, who represent the individual cogs in a single machine. United by the desire to give the customer a single contact with whom to discuss their needs and manage complexity in a simplified manner.


Simone Mazzetto

Architect at Restoration Hardware Gallery in San Francisco. Simone has worked as an Interior Designer for major design studios in Venice and for international companies in the residential, hotel and retail sectors. In 2016, with Marco Costanzi Architect, he developed the first Fendi Casa Hotel in Rome at Palazzo Fendi. In 2017, he joined Pianca World Contract to develop international contract projects, and in 2020, he designed the restoration of Palazzo Pianca in Venice as a boutique hotel.


​HOME AWAY FROM HOME is the concept conceived and designed for ROOMS by Alessia Galimberti, architect for INCONTRA.


A mix of new styles in the hospitality sector:

  • maximum comfort;
  • welcoming and elegant design;
  • eco-sustainable materials;
  • green Inside;
  • functionality;

will be the ingredients of this innovative concept inspired by nature.

The customer wants to feel at home surrounded by well-being, which can be provided by a room through an original and well thought-out design.

A neutral room that, depending on the colours and accessories used, can be transformed into:

  • a business room;
  • a room for a hotel in the city;
  • a room for a hotel by the sea;
  • a room for a hotel in the mountains.

An evergreen room not afraid of the passing of time, and which, through the choice of smart materials, fabrics and furnishing accessories, will not be swayed by trends in architecture and design.


Incontra is a network of companies that supports the customer at every stage of the contract furnishing project, providing tailor-made, turnkey solutions. To guarantee high quality standards, a project manager coordinates the various departments involved throughout the process. Combining production capacity, technologically advanced machinery and the craftsmanship typical of Made in Italy, Incontra is the ideal partner for the most ambitious projects.


Alessia Galimberti, architect with a PhD in Urban Projects and Policies from Milan Polytechnic University, provides consultancy in the field of Urban Planning and Mobility at an institutional level, such as in the Ecopass Policy Analysis for the Municipality of Milan.
She supervises the artistic management of leading companies in the design, fashion and food sectors, and creates synergies and strategies for economic and regional development.
Her books, published by Maggioli Editori, cover topical themes, addressing economic and regional issues.
In over 17 years of activity, Studio Galimberti has gained specific experience in interior design at international level, creating design concept projects for the hotel and wellness sector, as well as penthouses, lofts, offices and showrooms.


The sixth concept was designed by Divania/Horo in partnership with Castiglia Associati.


Whether geometric or imaginative, shape is the key feature of HORO's WHITE SOFT ROOM project. In any case, the watchword is softness, expressed in the padding and upholstery in the white area. The return to curved lines and rounded shapes is a clear reference to the refined design of the 1950s and 1960s, which stages a powerful return in the various areas of the home and contract spaces, making us forget the rigid, industrial approach that has marked the style of recent years. An expression of a rediscovered need for comfort, the curved shapes and soft yet robust and hardwearing fabrics come together in a perfect combination that brings personality, elegance and expressiveness to the hotel room.

Divania/Horo has been able to satisfy every design request according to the highest quality standards in the hospitality, residential and nautical sectors for many years, and is an authoritative benchmark in the contract furnishing sector.

A team of technicians and designers is on hand to provide support in the customised design of spaces, made for your business.

From furniture to interior design, Divania/Horo is also a one-stop consultant able to provide a turnkey solution.

Castiglia Associati

Since the 1980s, Sergio Castiglia, Marinella Santarelli and Maria Tiziana Tazza have been involved in conceiving, designing and promoting activities in design and architecture, contributing with their projects to the creation of Italian Style.

The studio's activities in Italy and abroad include architectural, industrial and graphic design projects as well as hotels, showrooms, exhibition stands, private houses, offices, shops and banks.


Sergio Castiglia

Marinella Santarelli

Maria Tiziana Tazza