Special Projects

«One must make of one’s life as one makes a work of art. The life of a man of intellect must be the work of him».
This is what Gabriele D’Annunzio wrote in his novel called Il Piacere, at the end of the Eighteenth century.
Spa Theatre, the exhibition I will give life to on the occasion of SIA Hospitality Design 2022, takes shape from the same principle. The aim is to build a scene out of the ordinary in which the visitor, with his wishes and changing needs, is the undisputed protagonist.
Spa Theatre is a hybrid space, contaminating and contaminated, high definition but totally black and white; so that the pure value of the forms generates wonder; so that each object, as an exclusive work of art determines the composition of the areas.
A single image in the center takes color: this is the human being that become the content and expressive focus, the matrix from which the surfaces draw sustenance and energy. Functions articulate and penetrate in a wise way, enabling the spa lounge to become a space for meeting, debate, exchange of thoughts.
Not only psychophysical but also mental is the well-being that Spa Theatre wants to offer to its visitors, combining moments of relaxation, such as sauna, Turkish bath, whirlpool baths, with those to devote to relationships, intellectual correspondences, business.
High-profile intellectuals are going to enliven the exhibition.

There will be three architects who stand out the dialogue with Simone Micheli inside the installation: Giancarlo Marzorati, Maurizio Papiri and Walter Vallini. Other important designers will be present during the three days of the exhibition. Multiple video walls with dream images complete the setup. A determined physical place is not enough to enclose its deepest meaning: Spa Theatre will be an exclusive happening that will come to life thanks to the mixture of unique events, that could not be elsewhere or otherwise, and that welcome the guest in a bubble suspended, out of the ordinary, out of the usual. It is made to suggest, to educate, to understand the articulate possible project dynamics of the present future.


WHERE: Hall D4 / Stand 056



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Simone Micheli founded the Architecture Studio in 1990 and in 2003 he created the architecture company Simone Micheli Architectural Hero together with Roberta Colla. The society is based in Florence, Milan, Puntaldìa, Dubai, Rabat and Busan.
His professional activity ranges from master plans and architecture to interior, from design to visual, through graphics, communication and event organization. His creations, always sustainable and environmentally conscious, are characterized by a strong identity and uniqueness. Many are his creations for public administrations and important private clients connected to the community and to the residential world. He is the curator of thematic exhibitions - contract, but not only - at the main international architecture, design and hospitality fairs. In collaboration with Roberta Colla and his team of professionals, he holds masters, conferences, workshops and lectures at universities, cultural institutes and institutions in many cities around the world. His works have been featured in the most important international exhibitions as well as in Italian and international newspapers, magazines and periodicals.